Pairings: Apples & Cheese

The duo of apples and cheese frequently makes an appearance as our morning snack.  We usually opt for Babybel cheese and a Gala apple, however,  since receiving the fall edition of "All You Need Is Cheese" magazine, I now have a new appreciation of how to pair the right apple with it's cheese counterpart.  Morning snack just got interesting, well for me at least, the kids can keep their Babybel.

Canadian Bocconcini with Crispin/Mutsu

A relative of the Golden Delicious, Crispin has a  crisp but coarse texture with a delicate hint of exoticism.  The balance tips more towards the sweet than the tart, making it a mellow apple.
Canadian Bocconcini's young, milky simplicity needs the smallest sprinkling of salt to make it sparkle.  The chewy, stringy texture of this stretched curd cheese contrasts well with the crisp apple, and the salt makes both the cheese and the apple sing.

Grown primarily in Ontario, the Crispin matures in late October and is available until May.

Canadian Smoked Gouda with Spartan

Highly aromatic, the Spartan announces fall like no other apple.  Its snappy skin reveals crisp white flesh and a juicy texture, and its sweet/tart balance is reminiscent of a Riesling when it comes to cheese pairing.  Cold storage makes it sweeter, so customize to your preference.  For a dramatic contrast, pair with a Canadian Smoked Gouda.  Creamy and sweet, the hickory smokiness grounds the cheese with earth notes while the Spartan elevates and brings out the sweetness in the cheese.  Matched in intensity, neither overwhelms, and both retain their character harmoniously.

Harvested across the country, the Spartan is available from October to May.

Canadian Feta with Granny Smith

Unwaveringly face-puckering, the Granny Smith is perennial favourite for its firm texture and mouth-watering sourness.  Yet in its bright sour-candy green cloak, this apple conceals exceptional cheese complementarity.  The subtle sweetness quieted by the evident tanginess makes it a refreshing match to salty, complex, sharp cheeses.  While an unusual pairing, Canadian Feta is a wonderful companion to the Granny Smith.  Rich, lemony, sweet and sour, the soft, crumbly texture of Feta is a welcome counterpoint to the apple.

The Granny Smith thrives in British Columbia and a few small orchards across the country.  It is harvested and best in October, but available until May.

Canadian one-year Aged Cheddar with Fuji

Developed in Japan, Fuji is a highly popular apple because o its pear-lychee undertones, crisp flesh and higher sugar content.  Its pineapple aroma and sweet muskiness demands a saltier cheese, and a Canadian one-year Aged Cheddar provides the perfect counterpart.
Aged Cheddar matches the apple's complexity in its balance of salt, sweet and a touch of sourness.  Both simply make the other taste even better.

Harvested in September in British Columbia and Ontario, the Fuji is available until May.

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