Breakfast Date @ The Loop

An early morning breakfast date with my Mom made for the perfect start to my Sunday-Funday.  We had plans to hit up the dutch pancake place called Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus.  However,  when we got there, the sign on the door informed us they were on vacation.  Insert sad face.  Who takes a vacation from pancakes?

Time for plan B.

The Loop Breakfast House in Marda Loop.

Wow!  Huge portions, fresh food and delicious beyond compare.  Our pancake misfortune was easily corrected by this little breakfast house.

Thanks for the date Mom.  Looking forward to our future breakfast adventures.  Loves ya.
Happy Sunday!

Santa Fe Omelet |  cheese, chicken, avocado, roasted corn, salsa and sour cream. 
served w/ hashbrowns & toast 

Breakfast Burrito |  scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers, roasted corn, olives, green onion, black beans, hot sauce, wrapped in a tortilla.  salsa & sour cream
served w/ hash browns. 


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