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Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus

this past weekend i played host to a great group of girls for the start of our annual $200 club meeting.  it consists of 10 girls who  once a month take turns hosting. the host receives a pile of wine and dollar-dollar bills which she selfishly has to spend on herself.  i kicked off the new year, and we know how much i love entertaining, so it was a perfect friday. i always like to combine homemade appetizers w/ simple upgrades to store-bought items.  this go round i decided to jazz up my favourite garlic hummus dip by adding a fresh topping of cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta cheese.   cheerful and beautiful! xo

mediterranean bruschetta hummusingredients: store bought hummus {i'm a fan of the garlic hummus myself} cucumber, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped  feta cheese, crumbled
pita wedges & assorted vegetables for serving
method: spread hummus onto a platter and top with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese. serve alongside pita wedges and assorted vegetables

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