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A Cookie to Celebrate | Royal Icing Recipe

we've all seen those adorable pinterest and instagram worthy cookies.  you know the ones, they are perfectly decorated, absolutely adorable, and almost too cute to eat {i said almost} so imagine my excitement when i was approached about a new cookbook that shows, the non-cookie decorator in me, simple step-by-step foolproof recipes that will guarantee a stand out, gorgeous cookie that will have you taking to your own instagram account to show off all your stunning creations.
so what is this magical cookbook? a cookbook that will have you destined for your very own dessert greatness?
A Cookie to Celebrate, comes to you from instagram sensation and specialty baker extraordinaire Jana Douglass.  her inspired ideas, detailed instructions, tips & tricks, will have you making the perfect cookie for every occasion imaginable. here is her recipe for the perfect royal icing.  an essential component for decorating all of her beautiful cookie delicacies. go out and grab this book, your cookie…

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