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old fashioned macaroni & cheese | cookbook review

when i was a kid, i spent a lot of time with my grandma L.  religiously, whenever i spent days with her, i ate the same thing everyday.  for breakfast; two blueberry eggo waffles, only to be chased by a third blueberry waffle. lunch consisted of a mini mexican pizza from jeffrey's, which was also chased by a second mini pizza.  do you see a pattern happening?
aside from the food, our daily walks to the park, playing operation, the thing that i also remember was that she was the only person i knew that had a toaster oven. aka, how all my food was made. i'm not sure why but i thought it was one of the coolest appliances ever.  maybe that's because she let me use it and i felt like a grown up.
toaster ovens are versatile, compact and convenient, doing the job of both a toaster and a full-size oven while using far less space and far less energy.  they can bake, broil, brown and even keep food warm. in her new book, 150 best toaster oven recipes, linda stephen has designed recipes…

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