Saturday Morning @ the Farm

We decided to kick off our long weekend with a trip to the farm.  The Saskatoon Farm.
Not only is this place just outside the city limits (which is going to make my frequent trips very convenient) but they sell everything from beets to green onions (the largest of which I've ever seen.)  The highlight though is that you can pick your own Saskatoon's.  So with the whole family in tow, the 4 of us set off buckets in hand,  row upon row in search of ripe Saskatoon's.   Destined for homemade pie glory.

Sunshine, loved ones, and fresh fruit.  The hardest part of this morning was trying not to eat more berries off the bushes, than we were putting in our buckets.   Quality control, right?
J & I have decided this is going to be an annual tradition in the "S" household.  Capped off with pie.

Happy Saturday.  Here are the highlights.  Enjoy.

(Stay tuned for my Saskatoon pie post.  I promise, it's worth the wait)

After a hard morning of Saskatoon picking, we took a break and indulged in:

saskatoon berry butter tart
white chocolate saskatoon berry scone

For more information on The Saskatoon Farm click here

And Done.  Saskatoon Berry Pie.  For recipe click here


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