Dinner @ Cibo

Two reasons to celebrate.

1. Happy 300th blog post to me
2. Wednesday date night @ Cibo

I traded in my typical "mom wardrobe," put on a fabulous pair of shoes, mascara-a-plenty, and met my wonderful friend ST for a mid-week date night.  ST is my foodie bestie, we couldn't be more alike if we tried.  Whenever we go out, we order and share food, we don't do individual meals.  We tackle food as a pair, trying as many flavours as possible in a single sitting.

Tonight we tackled Cibo.  "Cibo translated means,  feed, food, nourishment."  Located @ 1012 17th Ave SW, I was immediately drawn to the brick exterior of this restaurant, a sucker for design.  This restaurant is perfect from its use of reclaimed wood, communal tables cut from a single tree, and B-17 hangers from RCAF that have been turned into walls and tabletops.  Truthfully, I'd like to move in, or at the very least have my home done in the same fashion.  Bonus, if I moved in I could also have access to the food 24/7.  Hmmm, I just might be on to something here.

The food @ Cibo speaks for itself.  Delicious and fresh on all accounts.  Between the wine, plates of food, and conversation, here is a look at our evening.  Thanks for a delicious meal, we are already looking forward to our next visit so we can tackle the rest of the menu!


lamb meatballs |  tomato fresca, pecorino
bruschetta |  tomato, crushed artichoke, grana, basil
asparagus |  mustard, hazelnuts, egg, truffle oil, grana padano

pappardelle |  lamb, olives, mint, mushroom, tomato, grana padano

pesto |  ricotta, zucchini, peppers, black olives, pine nuts

nutella calzone |  signature dough, nutella, sour cherry compote

Best of the Night - Recommendations:
  • lamb meatballs
  • bruschetta 
  • pesto pizza 


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