Avocado on Toast

if you put one ingredient on top of another ingredient, can you classify it as a recipe?
hmmm, didn't think so.  
consider this less of a recipe and more of assembling 2 ingredients that are so insanely delicious together, it would be wrong of me not to share.  
avocado on toast.

i'm on an avocado kick lately, like on the verge of needing to plant my own tree in the backyard to keep up with the demand, kind of kick.  please don't judge.

so today I'm getting my 'fix' the easiest way I know possible.
on toast.
and if I didn't already have dinner plans, quite possibly dinner too.

Avocado on Toast

2 slices multi-grain bread, toasted
1 avocado, ripe
sea salt & pepper

in small bowl mash avocado.  season with sea salt and pepper.
top each piece of toasted bread with mixture.  
eat & repeat.


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