Sandwiches for the Kids

'it's friday night....and the mood is right, gonna have some fun, show you how it's done TGIF'  
does anyone else remember this song?  it played before all the great 'family' shows airing on ABC.  Family Matters, Step by Step, Full House.  my sister and i lived for this programming.  popcorn and TV what more could two preteens ask for?  well, maybe a car in a couple years....(start laying the ground work early)

anyways.  it's friday night.  mr. handsome is finishing up a round of golf, so it's just me and the kiddies for dinner.  looks like a soup and sandwich night with a little 'Jungle Book' on the side.  a perfect end to the school week and an even better kick off to the weekend ahead.
this post is a different from all of the others before it, there is no recipe.  the soup is from a can & the sandwich, well it's our go-to-favourite...almond butter and strawberry jam.  
what this post does feature is just how fun sandwiches can be.  
take a look at our creations.  
seriously, too cute to eat.  but, oh so tasty once you do.  i'd say i made these sandwiches for the kids, but I really did it for me. 

who knew AB & J could look so flippin' cute!  sandwich party anyone?  xo JS


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