Una Takeaway + Frenchie Wine Bar

last night i had the privilege of attending the opening of UNA Takeaway + Frenchie Wine Bar.  snacks and wine along with Beach Season DJs made for a more than enjoyable wednesday night.

UNA Takeaway is a compliment to the ever-popular UNA Pizza + Wine {which i frequent often,} and offers mindful takeaway options as well as community favourites.  a thoughtful blend of quick to-go and full service, it provides a wide selection of take-home dinners, one-stop meals and housemade snacks and products.  did i mention pizza? probably the cities best in my opinion, and don't even get me started on the kale caesar salad.  it's legendary and was also a party gift at the end of the night, and soon to be today's lunch!

the interior offers a slanted greenhouse-like wall separating the entry from the kitchen.  food is presented in a warm, rustic display cabinet with custom antique brass shelving.  and drinking rails can be found along the sides, making for the perfect wine sipping, pizza waiting perch.

Frenchies, on the other hand, is a small 15 seat wine bar located through UNA Pizza + Wine.  offering charcuterie which is made in-house by empire provisions and a wine list that is continually being curated. it features small, unique producers who side with organic and biodynamic practices and believe in a natural approach to making wine.
it's cozy interior lends itself to the perfect place to gather with friends while sipping delicious wines and sampling janice beaton cheeses.

here is a look into my evening.  thanks for the wonderful hospitality!

should you find yourself on 17th avenue, make sure you stop in.  it's probably best to also pick up their caesar salad.


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