greek yogurt & melon parfait

each morning when i was in mexico i would start my day with a giant glass of the best carrot-orange juice known to man {which in case you were wondering, i'm now going through withdrawals from because i don't own a juicer} and i would devour half a plate of watermelon & cantaloupe.

given carrot juice is out of the question until someone buys me a juicer {hint: mother's day} i'm going to have to make due with a cantaloupe & watermelon greek yogurt parfait.
delicious on its own and a perfect way to get through the middle of the week, when you are forced back into reality against your will.

seriously about this juicer though....

cantaloupe & watermelon greek yogurt parfait

1/2 cup watermelon, cut into bit sized pieces
1/2 cup cantaloupe, cut into bit sized pieces
1 cup vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 cup granola {homemade or store-bought}

in a mason jar layer all of the ingredients to your desired preference.  enjoy!


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