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it happens everyday, some days earlier than others, but everyday regardless.
the 3 o'clock slump.
translating to...
hunger central/starvation mode/there's too many hours between lunch and dinner/etc

i'm certain i'm not alone in this feeling, and if left to it, i could down an entire pre-dinner meal while just thinking about dinner.
this is a problem, which is why an arsenal of healthy snacks is required and on hand.  
fruit & yogurt, vegetables & hummus, hard-boiled eggs, and protein bars are all things i strongly endorse to get me through till suppertime.

so when the lovely people from SoLo Energy offered up some of their bars for me to try, i happily accepted and ate each and every delicious one.

with a great nutritional profile, they are the perfect grab and go snack to keep the slump at bay.  
  • gluten free
  • low glycemic index
  • natural ingredients
  • no additives, preservatives, flavours, or sweetners
  • 50g bar |  200 calories, 10-13g protein, 3-4g fibre, 25g carbohydrates

offering up 8 flavours, there is something for every taste and/or craving.  plus they are coated in yogurt or chocolate, which always makes me happy.
  • peanut power
  • chocolate charger
  • lemon lift
  • dark chocolate mandarin
  • pineapple coconut
  • apple cinnamon w/ quinoa
  • mocha fudge
  • dark chocolate almond

thanks again SoLo, these bars are a great pre-gym, post-gym, desk sitting, netflix binging, and hi-way driving way to keep me fuelled without the ginormous and imminent sugar crash that other energy bars tend to offer up.

cheers & happy snacking.  xo

disclaimer:  the bars were supplied by SoLo, all comments and opinions are my own.


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