Banff | Nourish Bistro & Cows Ice Cream

another sunday spent mountainside.

mr. handsome decided it was time to join the kids and strap on some skis of his own.  i decided it was time to make it a girls day at the ski hill and bring along my lovely friend and hiking companion, CG.

we hiked, we lodged it, we dined on the most delicious risotto balls & fried brussels sprouts while overlooking the ski hill, we chatted, made spring hiking plans, had dinner at my favourite vegetarian restaurant, nourish bistro, enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, and finished it off with a scoop or two of cows ice cream.  #mandatory
it was sort of perfect.

i first experienced nourish bistro last summer following a hike at johnston's canyon, it was amazing.  i've been thinking about it ever since...

vegetarian & vegan-friendly, nourish is a tapas style restaurant offering gourmet comfort food meant to be enjoyed family style, the best style.
so that's what we did.  and lots of it.

 num num nachos |  27 ingredients.  strawberries - garlic dills, underneath melted aged cheddar.

wicked wedge pizza pie |  seasonal organic veggies w/ smoked tomato sauce, topped with coconut flakes + fresh herbs

poutine |  roasted potato wedges baked in a curry madras sauce, w/ sharp cheddar curds, tomato cucumber chutney + a hint of lime

gourmet falafel |  spiced oven-baked chickpea + fava bean falafels mixed w/ garlic dills, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, roasted red peppers, strawberries + field greens.  topped w/ dill yogurt + seasoned tomato crunch

mac & squeeze |  quinoa noodles served in a creamy coconut + smoked paprika sauce, topped w/ herbed bread chips, fresh veggies, cherry tomatoes, green onions + kale chips

after successfully crushing dinner, we tackled dessert.
ice cream + banff = cows



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