Strawberry-Nutella Wafflewiches & A New School Year

the big day has arrived.
2 months in the making.


this year L takes on grade one while R attends pre-kindergarten.  we stocked up on new lunch kits and clothes, but the most exciting part is that this year i'm left with a solid 3 hour, 4 days a week, kid free, focus on me time gap.

to celebrate (this new found freedom) i of course made the kids take a ridiculous amount of photos because it's what i do, no apologies there.  
however the pictures did follow a pretty delicious over the top breakfast in recognition of the new school year, so i guess everyone wins.

strawberry-nutella wafflewiches

2 frozen waffles
strawberries, sliced thin
chocolate hazelnut spread (nutella)

place waffles in toaster and toast till golden brown in colour.  spread nutella onto the top of one of the waffles and finish with strawberry slices.  place remaining waffle on top & enjoy!


  1. Cute pictures and delicious looking waffles!!

    1. thanks tara! they were a big hit with my littles (hence the giant smiles)
      thanks for stopping by. cheers


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