let it be sunday: johnston canyon & nourish bistro

another sunday & another beautiful hike in the books.

my love affair with nature took us back to banff again this weekend where we chose to hike the ever popular johnston canyon.  
our hike to jc produced amazing scenery, like breathtaking, pictures don't do it justice scenery.  walking along canyon clinging catwalks and up cliff mounted stairs we were treated to both the upper & lower falls, and the true beauty that is where we call home.

after our hike and before our traditional post hike nourishment, we took a quick trip to vermillion lakes for a little dock sitting and  basking in the sun action.
it's days like this that make me realize how beautiful life is and how lucky i am to experience it with my 3 peeps.

cheers.  xo.

post dock sitting we found ourselves at an amazing vegetarian restaurant, nourish bistro.
this place features sweet & savoury organic dishes, served tapas style with the concept of sharing in mind.  obviously, this is my my favourite way to enjoy food, family style.

num num nachos |  27 ingredients, everything from strawberries to garlic dills, melted cheddar

gourmet falafel |  spiced oven-baked chickpea + fava bean falafels, garlic dills, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, roasted red peppers, strawberries, field greens, sundered tomato wrap.  served with dill yogurt

wicked wedge pizza pie |  seasonal organic veggies w/ smoked tomato sauce, topped w/ coconut flakes + fresh herbs


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