let it be sunday: sundance canyon & bear street tavern

my feet belong on a trail in the mountains.
plain & simple.  
i've come to accept and relish this as i escape the city each sunday for my weekly fix.

this weekend i put mr handsome in charge of picking our hike route since we were headed to his hometown of banff.  
i still can't get over the fact that he was lucky enough to grow up in this small town,  surrounded be endless outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery.  #jealous

the route he chose started at the cave & basin historic site which is where naturally occurring, warm mineral springs can be found inside the cave, and outside in an emerald coloured basin.  #beautiful  
from there we proceeded to sundance canyon for waterfall views, rocky stairs and lots of bridges.

lunch post 3 hour hike was a no brainer.  bear street tavern, located @ 211 bear st, banff, ab.
featured on the food network's 'you gotta eat here' this place is known for it's ridiculously good pizza and the steins of beer that they serve with them.
our table was also beyond cute thanks to a booth complete with blankets and pillows, which lets face it, should be a staple at all mountain restaurants.


okanagan springs |  summerweizen
grizzly paw |  rutting red elk ale

the hawaiian |  pulled pork,  roasted pineapple, bell peppers, caramelized onions, mozzarella, house bbq sauces, pizza sauce

the mediterranean |  roasted vegetables, artichokes, olives, feta, oregano, mozzarella, pizza sauce

the bison |  smoked bison, caramelized onions, edamame beans, mozzarella, pizza sauce


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