Strawberry Fruit Dip

I usually prefer my fruit straight up, fresh picked, and at it's peak.  That being said, there are times when it's nice to indulge a little and add in some extra sweetness, like in the form of chocolate perhaps, or this two-ingredient fruit dip.

Tonight calls for some added sweetness.  I'm hosting our monthly bookclub and what goes better with a little girl time than strawberries, a cheese plate, macarons, and wine.

Happy Weekend! 

Strawberry Fruit Dip

8oz strawberry cream cheese, room temperature
7oz marshmallow fluff

Combine both ingredients in a medium bowl and stir with fork until incorporated.  Keep refrigerated until ready to use.
Serve with favourite fruit or graham crackers.

keeps for 3 days covered in refrigerator.
recipe courtesy: cooking classy


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