Thirty Lessons in Thirty Years. A Birthday Post.

It's official.  I'm thirty.  My 21 year old self is confused as to how this has happened.  Exactly where did the last nine years go?  Whoever has their finger on the fast-forward button of my life, kindly remove and place on pause.
So, as I embark on entering a new decade, I thought it appropriate to share what I've learnt over the course of the last 30 29+ years.

  1. If your shoes hurt your feet before you've left the house, they will inevitably hurt an hour later when you are busting out your sweet moves on the dance floor.
  2. Pain or not.  Keep them on.  Removing them will be like trying to fit into skinny pants after two weeks of vacationing in Paris.
  3. If you don't like where you are change it.  You are not a tree.
  4. Date nights with your partner are as equally important in year 11 as year 1.
  5. Take a moment each day for yourself.
  6. Say yes to new things and people.
  7. Never leave home without lip gloss.  The moment you realize you are missing it, your lips will dry out at an exceptionally fast rate.
  8. To further point #7, Lip Smackers are perfectly acceptable even in your thirties.  Who doesn't want to kiss a girl that smells like 'Skittles.'
  9. You will fail at certain things.  Parallel parking and swimming are perfect examples.  But that is why you got married and wear a life jacket. 
  10. Dogs will love you unconditionally, get one.
  11. Pancakes makes mornings better.  Period.
  12. Messy hair is what you do best.  Rock it.  It's your thing.
  13. Tomorrow is another day, but that doesn't mean you should waste the present moment.
  14. It's perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to nap daily.  Shut off all ringers between 2-4pm, they'll will just interrupt your day dreaming.
  15. Worrying will never change the outcome.
  16. There are things in life out of your control.  Roll with it.  See point #15.
  17. Run your own race.  Utilize competition from within yourself, it's the healthiest kind.
  18. When you find a shirt you love, buy it in every colour.  And two in your favourite colour.
  19. Bring your "A" game everywhere.  You don't do "B."
  20. Never go to bed mad, you'll end up waking up the same way.
  21. Storing multiple Slurpee's in your freezer does not make you crazy, you are simply prepared for when the urge strikes.  It's called stockpiling/being resourceful/genius.
  22. Be your own kind of beautiful.
  23. Always have new goals, it keeps life interesting.   Trying every flavour of Pop Tart qualifies as an acceptable goal.  No one said it had to be huge.
  24. Perfect pie crust.  This is a family tradition that needs to be continued and passed on.  The world will thank you.
  25. Be the person you would like to meet.  Awesome hangs with awesome.
  26. Purging your closet is an excuse to go shopping.  Purge once per season.  That seems acceptable.  There are 8 seasons in a year, right?
  27. You will always think you are a better dancer than you are.  Who cares.  Do it anyway.
  28. You will need a vacation from your vacation in Vegas.  Shopping, eating, and gambling takes a lot out of a girl.
  29. Never leave the house in Pajamas.  Flannel is not an acceptable outfit to wear past the front door.   Today could be the day you meet Ryan Reynolds or Matt Cruzchy.  Best to be prepared.
  30. Embrace your thirties (after the small, minor, freak-out/melt down session you're currently having)

I'm now off to eat my weight in birthday cake pancakes and pie.  That's one thing you should know about me.  I need pancakes and pie on my birthday.  So if you're looking for me,  I can be found drowning myself in champagne, maple syrup, and buttery-flaky crusts.  I know you're all jealous.  Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Having run into Matt Czuchry on the street, I fully support #29! Happy birthday, lovely friend!


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