Mount Norquay & the Balkan

the kids are officially 3 weeks into their 8 week ski program, and doing amazing i might add. 
 this week they even had a cheering squad, as my dad came to see the kids in action, and carve out a few runs for himself.

while the 3 of them skied, mr. handsome and i took advantage of the  +14 temperatures, strapped on snow shoes and took off to find some trails of our own.

this was my first attempt at snowshoeing in a long time, the last time i had snow shoes on they resembled wooden tennis rackets, and to be honest i was expecting nice flat terrain and a leisurely walk on my sunday afternoon.  
what i got was a hike up a mountain and leg cramps.  apparently when you snowshoe at ski hill, you should expect hills.  apparently.
so in an expert attempt to catch my breath whenever possible, i did what i do best, i took photos, then i sat in a snow bank. 
#lazygirlsguidetosnowshoeing #publisherscallme

at least next weekend i'll be smarter about it and skip the gym beforehand.  #overdidit

after a day on the hill,  all five of us worked up an appetite and headed out to my favourite Greek restaurant ever.  The Balkan.
we wined, we dined, and we conversed.  perfect sunday.

and next week we do it again.....

kalamari |  fried squid, greek style tzatiki

fennel seafood stew |  saffron tomato broth, prawns, white fish, scallops, mussels, grilled bread

athenian chicken |  stuffed with spinach, leeks, baked in a herb tomato sauce & topped with feta.  served with vegetables, rice pilaf & lemon roasted potatoes

arni psito |  12 hour slow roasted lamb shank, olive oil & lemon jus.  served with vegetables, rice pilaf & lemon roasted potatoes

baklava cheesecake |  honey drizzled filo pastry, walnuts & almonds 


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