first off, shouldn't we have flying cars by now?
the jetsons clearly mislead me in believing that my briefcase would be able to transform on a whim, into a car, that i would fly to my apartment in the clouds.  also, where is my lovable and adorable robot maid, rosie?

each new year brings with it a clean slate and a chance to start fresh. 

and so begins the resolution process.

i like to keep my approach simple:

eat clean
sweat daily
be kind 
be present

this year i'm going to focus the majority of my energy on the later.  
i'm guilty of looking ahead, waiting for the next best thing and focusing too little on where i'm right now.  whether it's a weekend date with friends, an upcoming vacation, or the completion of our house under construction (august 2015) i'm guilty of neglecting the now.  2015 is going to be the year i redirect my thinking, relishing and living in each and every present moment.

2015 is also the year i'd like to be able to perfect a croissant
 from scratch.  yet, i'm realistic enough to know that i will probably continue to frequent the bakery that makes to flaky pastry just right.  
i'll also attempt (and most likely fail) at becoming the super organized whiz kid i long to be.  but oh well.  being organized is over-rated.  chaotic mess is so 2015.

best wishes for a happy & healthy new year.
cheers.  xo.  JS


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