Bistro Rouge

now that we are into the third week of the new year, it only seems right that we jump back on the girls night out dinner train, and leave our resolutions aside for one night.

our first dinner of 2015 took us to Bistro Rouge @ 1919 Sirrocco Drive SW, favourited by the lovely KPM, i was excited to see what this place was all about, and being the sister restaurant to rouge in inglewood, i knew we were in for a heavenly feast.

what i didn't anticipate is that all four of us would order the exact same entree for dinner, which is a new record, beating the previous 3 dinners of lemon pasta at cilantro.  however, when KPM puts this meal on the pedestal of her favourite meal from her favourite restaurant, you'd likely be a fool not to try it.  

here is a fun fact about our group, we also order the same appetizers again as dessert, who says delicious cauliflower fritters and hollandaise sauce need only be consumed pre dinner, i say they have a place post dinner alongside brownies and sticky toffee pudding and luckily i've found myself among a group of girls that think the same way.

the only thing now is i wish i had some for breakfast.....le sigh.

our eats:

veloute |  mushroom & garlic confit, creme fraiche

cauliflower fritters |   hollandaise

flattenened chicken breast |  tomato confit, artichokes, goat cheese, capers, spinach

caramel sticky bread pudding

chocolate brownie & toasted marshmallow ice cream

cauliflower fritters (round 2) |  hollandaise sauce


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