Lake Minnewanka, Marsh Loop & Toque Canadian Pub

how are we already finished with week three of skiing?

this past sunday mr. handsome and i met up with some great friends for a little snowshoe adventure mountainside.  we may or may not have almost lost our lives sharing a trail with what seems to have been a cross-country ski relay race, and i'm may or may not have been yelled at twice.   pfff.
but aside from that, it was a perfect day to spend in the place i love with great people.

here is a glance into our day.  xo.

after the kids finished their ski lessons, the six of us headed back into town to toque cnanadian pub.  
kid friendly, nfl game friendly, and beers on tap friendly.  
it really doesn't get much better than that.
plus, the decor inside consists of all kinds of canandian slang.

alberta beef dip |  6oz fresh shaved roast beef, beef jus, sis cheese, horseradish mayo, toasted baguette

chicken b.l.t |  apple cider marinated chicken breast, brie cheese, butter leaf lettuce, tomato, bacon jam, bacon, mayo, toasted baguette

toque mac and cheese |  elbow pasta, cream sauce, mozzarella, monterey jack, cheddar, and parmesan, bacon, fresh jalapeƱo.  served with garlic toast


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