Food Truck in the Neighborhood

I'm excited that YYC has jumped on the food truck bandwagon, and our city is now swimming with some delicious mobile eats.
Today is especially exciting as it just so happens a food truck is parked down the street from my house.  The only thing better than delicious food within walking distance, is delicious free food within walking distance.  Can you guess who was first in line?  Just call me Eager.
I've heard rave reviews about the Perogy Boyz for sometime.  And now I know first hand what all the hype is about.  Delicious gourmet street food indeed.  Hmm, I wonder if I can convince the 'boyz' to take permanent residence in front of my house so that I can have access to these scrumptious perogies at all hours of the day...
Thanks Perogy Boyz & Happy Weekend!

Here's a run down of lunch today....

Traditional - potato & cottage cheese w/ caramelized onions & bacon

Kielbasa Sausage - traditional pork






Mexicali - ground beef, chili aioli, tomato 'tartar', green onion, cheddar cheese

Cabbage Roll Sausage - beef, sauerkraut, rice and marinara sauce


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