A Salad Rolled Up

Since returning from SF last month, my husband has been dreaming of one thing.  The salad rolls w/ peanut sauce that we had @ The Slanted Door.  Truthfully, I have been dreaming of them just as much as him, in addition to everything else we ate.  Best food trip ever!

I'm convinced that we need to spend one weekend in YYC and have our very own local food adventure.  Breakfast @ a cute diner, lunch @ a sushi place, followed by a little Italian.  Repeat on Sunday.   Anyone want to come along in our foodie quest?

Okay, back to the rolls.  Salad rolls are a favourite of ours.  They are so fresh, and make up the perfect appetizer or light lunch.  Mmmm.  Although it's easier to order them from a Vietnamese restaurant.  I have to admit it was fun making these at home too.  Side by side, with my partner in crime.  Clearly we need a little more practise in the rolling department.  Oh well, guess that just means we need to make these more often.  Oh, it also means we can consume more of our favourite peanut sauce.  Tough life I know.

Cheers to salad  rolled up!  Just one other way to get your veggie intake!

Salad Rolls

8 rice paper wrappers
1 cup rice vermicelli
1 cup shredded lettuce
1/2 cup carrots, julienned
8 mint leaves, halved
16 frozen cooked shrimp, peeled

peanut sauce for serving

Defrost shrimp according to package directions.
In large bowl place dried vermicelli, cover with very hot water.  Let stand for 10-15 minutes covered.
For wrappers:   Soak the rice paper in warm water for about 5 seconds.  Lay it out on a flat platter for 30 seconds till soft and pliable.  Line 2 shrimp along bottom third of round.  Top with mint, carrot, noodles and lettuce.
Fold sides of wrapper over filling and roll from bottom up, to encase filling.  Wrap up into a roll and seal by dipping finger in water and rubbing it over the seam.  Repeat with remaining rolls.
Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 4 hours.
Serve with peanut sauce.

Yields: 8 rolls


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