chicken & waffle sliders

summer is over. 
labour day came & went, and today the kids went back to school. 

i'm now the proud mom of a first & third grader, and the new owner of 8 hours kid-free time; to do what with i'm not sure?
lunch date anyone?
gym date anyone?
hike date anyone?

like every year on the first day of school i make something special.  usually pancakes or waffles driven, and this year was no exception.  
i decided to make a twist on one of my favourite breakfast dishes. chicken and waffles.  
but in sliders form.  
little bites, perfect for little mouths.
also did you know how well sriracha sauce tastes with maple syrup.  game changer.

chicken & waffle sliders

frozen mini eggo waffles
frozen chicken nuggets.
sriracha sauce
maple syrup

cook chicken nuggets per package instructions.
toast waffles.  break apart into individual mini waffles.
top each waffle with a chicken nugget and sriracha sauce.  place another waffle on top and insert a toothpick to hold together.  drizzle in maple syrup.  repeat with remaining nuggets and waffles.


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