Going Dutch For Pancakes

By now you know I have a strong appreciation for pancakes have an obsession with pancakes.  So it's only fitting that today for breakfast I went to Pfanntastic Pannenkoek, a Dutch pancake house.  Sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, so many choices, so little stomach space.

I attempted to visit this restaurant a few weeks back with my mom, only to have my dreams squashed by a sign that announced they were on holidays.  What?  Surely, I'm not on a holidays from pancakes, how can they be?  Well I'm back today for a second shot @ pancake bliss/heaven/deliciousness with my buddy JM.  Together we are ready to take on the world of pancakes, or for starters, at least two (huge, delicious) plates worth.

2 pancakes down, 40+ varieties to try.  Mission Accepted.

Cinnamon Roll |  brown sugar, baked apple, cinnamon & cream cheese icing

Rosti | potato, leek, tomato, spinach & sour cream


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