Double Dating @ Sea.

What's better than date night?  Double date night.  Oh and it doesn't hurt when everyone who is going is equally stoked about Fish 'n Chips.
Dinner tonight seems all the more fitting given that the Olympics are taking place in London as we speak.  I suppose this is as close as I'm going to get to the action.  Michael Phelps will just have to continue to make appearances in my dreams.

Our dinner dates tonight were T & J.  T has family that lives in England, so he knows a little something about F 'n C.  We've decided to make it our mission to scope out the best that YYC has to offer in this department, and tonight we ended up @ Sea. Fish 'n Chips in McKenzie Towne.
The verdict?  Delicious fish, delicious chips, and all in all wonderful company.  Thanks guys.  Date night next month?

Dinner tonight was Halibut all around, chips, coleslaw, a side of onion rings, plus a couple refreshing beverages.  Mmmm...
Happy Thursday!


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