Alloy & Anniversaries

It's hard to believe J and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary earlier this month.  Wow, how did that happen?  Looking back at our wedding photos, it's amazing how young we look, yet I swear it was just yesterday 'we took the plunge.'  Cruel joke world, cruel joke.

To celebrate #6 we went for dinner at Alloy.  I'll be honest, when I'm looking for restaurants to visit you can be guaranteed if gnocchi is on the menu, I'm coming.  It is truly the one thing I will always order if I'm given the opportunity, and Alloy gave me the opportunity!

Happy Anniversary Babe!  I love you.

Complementary Olives, Hummus & Flatbread.

truffle gnocchi
field mushroom cream. shaved parmesan

house made cheese. herbed focaccia. arugula. turkish olive oil

Dinner followed (without photos.  failure on my part I know.)

Chicken |  buttermilk marinated. asiago soft polenta. smoked bacon & hazelnut succotash
Beef Short Rib |  mandarin bbq sauce. chipotle yam puree. broccoli

My short rib was by far the star of the show, as was the yam puree it came with.  Delicious!
Thanks Alloy, we will see you again!  In the meantime, do you deliver?


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