A Sweet Colour Chart

Have I mentioned how much I adore my magazine subscriptions (all 5 of them.)  It makes my daily trip to the mailbox all the more exciting.  Today I was greeted by my favourite of the five.  Any guesses?? 
Hint:  I'm a food blogger.  (Did I stump you?)
Answer: Food Network Magazine.  Oh the excitement!
In addition to featuring 50 different kinds of Tacos, the May issue also included an icing colour chart.  Yes, a whole chart on how to colour sugar.  Hello, looks like I've got some baking in my future.  After all I really should *test* out all these colour combinations.  Wouldn't you agree?
Below you'll find some pretty cool ones.  My favourites:  Raspberry Sorbet, Papaya, Purple Cow and Pistachio.   Although lets be honest I'd take/eat anyone of these guys.

Have fun and try some of these out on future cakes and cupcakes.  Oh and feel free to bring me one or two, or a batch...
Happy Icing!

All Photos Courtesy: Food Network Magazine


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