Kitchen Tips | How to Carve a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians! 

Sunday mornings usually mean pancakes in this house.  

Not today. 

Today we have an enormous dinner scheduled.  Where, if last year is any indication, stretchy pants are in order.  So this morning I'm trading in my Sunday tradition of pancakes, for a healthy bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.  Still festive.  But instead, replacing a pancake recipe with a turkey tip that should no doubt come in handy at dinner tables across the country.

What is the right way to carve a turkey?  You've spent hours, cleaning, stuffing, and basting this bird.  So how do you get the most out of it, and yet still have a lovely presentation for your dinner guests?  Easy.  Turn to Martha Stewart for how to tips that are sure to impress your guests visually as much as much as their taste buds.

  1. Video Demonstration
  3. Step by Step guide
Pancake Sunday's will resume next week, assuming I make it through the food coma I'm about to enter later today. 


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