yesterday i went on tour.
a lentil tour.
together with Anita Stewart from Food Day Canada, John Gilcrist from the Calgary Herald, and a handful of other prominent & influential food writers(even the Top Chef Cananda winner Pierre Lamielle) we went on a guided tour to see how three of Calgary's finest restaurants; River Cafe, Rouge, and CharCut,  incorporated the Canadian lentil into a signature dish.
june 1st marked the kick off to the FUNdeLentil Tour, a cross-canada restaurant competition.
7 cities
24 restaurants
1 ingredient

here is a look into my afternoon, and the beautiful and thoughtfully prepared dishes.  
river cafe |  black beluga lentil salad with edgar farms asparagus on silver sage 64 day dry-aged beef carpaccio

rouge restaurant |  elbow falls elk and sprouted lentil tartare with smoked red lentil hummus and black lentil cracker, fair winds that feta and black garlic vinaigrette 

 charcut roast house |  red lentil and bacon bratwurst sausage  with fennel kraut
a huge THANKS for the invitation, it was an amazing experience and i'm thrilled to have been able to be apart of it.

all three of these dishes will be available throughout the month of june.  i urge you to go out and try all of them, show support for the beloved canadian lentil, vote for your favourite at and then perhaps join me as i go out for round two.  sound good? 


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