Road Trip Saturday: Heart Creek Trail & Crazyweed Kitchen

3 weekends in a row = 3 hikes completed.
finally, i feel like i'm taking advantage of my proximity to the mountains.

today my wonderful friend CG & I took to the open highway in search of nature, beautiful scenery and a delicious lunch in the mountains.

we decided on Heart Creek Trail just outside of canmore and although it's an easy hike and less of a scramble, we were surrounded by peacefulness & fresh mountain air just the same.  oh and the potential appreance of a bear that seems to have taken station in the area.

thankfully the bear didn't come out to play and only one of my two feet landed in the cold river, so it was a successful morning all around. #winning

as much as i appreciate hiking, i have to be honest, i was really, really, really looking forward to lunch.  if you haven't been to crazyweed in canmore, you are truly missing out.  not only is it a favourite among olympic athletes (of which i'm not, but i do like to think of myself as one on occasion), it has also been featured on 'you gotta eat here' on the food network.
#trustme #stopeverything #gonow

thanks for an awesome day c!  looking forward making this an annual tradition, and trying for round 2 in september too!  xoxo.


deep in the woods |  fair winds goat cheese, roasted portabella, caramelized onion, salsa verde, roasted red pepper, spinach on a toasted house made focaccia.  served with mixed greens, avocado, green apple, cucumber & lemongrass vinaigrette

vietnamese pork meatball sandwich |  asian slaw, chipotle mayo.  served with sweet potato, sour mango & orange soup.

chocolate & caramel pot de creme |  chocolate, caramel creme fraiche, hazelnut crisps



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