Hike Alberta: Fullerton Loop & The Italian Farmhouse

i'm grateful for this weekend.

it was a weekend filled with fresh mountain air, quality time with friends & family, wine & my favourite, pizza.
yesterday cg & i tackled heart creek and today with the family in tow i had my sights set on fullerton loop in bragg creek.  this 6.7km trail allows for views of moose mountain as well as the group of mountains surrounding banded peak.  upon return the trail skirts the edge of a steep hillside which overlooks the ranger station and the elbow valley. 
breathtaking & beautiful.

of course, the kids and i have become accustomed to celebrating & recapping our early morning nature walks with a visit to a neighbouring restaurant and today that was the italian farmhouse.
this charming little place was the perfect setting amidst the trees to enjoy pizza, pasta, salads & bruschetta, family style.  oh and there may have been a glass or two of vino enjoyed by mr handsome and i.

this marked our last official summer hike before the start of school in september.  next weekend mr handsome i set off to tackle vancouver and celebrate a lovely couple with a traditional chinese style wedding.  

not too worry i'm packing some stretchy pants and gearing up to take in all that vancouver has to offer, also i'm going to finish off today in style with a big bbq with my favourites.

bruschetta |  fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil, saba, grans padano

caesar salad |  romaine, raddicchio, hearts of palm, smoked panetta, croutons

margherita pizza |  tomatoes, fiore de latte, basil, grana padano

campenelle pesto |  sundried tomatoes, grilled zucchini, olives, pine nuts, arugula, grana padano


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