Dinner @ Redwater

Last night J and I went out for dinner with J's brother.  He's been living in Australia for the last 18 months and was back in town for a quick visit before he moves on to the Cayman Islands.  (Insert feelings of jealously here)  It's worth noting C came back with a tan that could only be achieved if I swam in a vat of bronzing lotion.  Gotta love the pasty glow of a girl from YYC in April.

Once I finished applying enough bronzer, the three of us headed out to Redwater for dinner.  Between the glasses bottles of wine, countless appetizers and a main course that was incredible, we did a lot of catching up and dinner ended up being a 3 hour event.  I love nights like that.

Good luck in the Cayman's C.  We'll miss you!  (well after Monday we'll miss you)

Here's a recap of our meal.
(Disclaimer:  I woke up still full from dinner this morning.  I blame the bread basket, it does it to me everytime)

Wild Shrimp

chili garlic butter . crostini

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

brushetta . ricotta . garlic naan

Bison Meatballs

smokehouse tomato sauce . grana padano

Crab Cakes

fennel & apple slaw . orange chili aioli

Wild Ahi Tuna

cherry & sweet onion relish . broccolini


Herb & Apple Glazed Pork Chops

broccolini . roasted beets w/ honey & dill

Wild Ahi Tuna

garlic poblano butter . buttermilk mashed potatoes . sauteed crimini mushrooms

Favourites of the night:

Roasted Red Pepper Dip - I would eat this dip on particle board, off the bottom of a shoe, on pretty much anything.  And the naan bread, delicious.  (a second order of bread was needed, yes needed)

Ahi Tuna w/ cherry & sweet onion relish - Seared perfectly, cool interior.  Chewing wasn't even necessary, it melted.  Mmmm.


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