A Sandwich Inspired by Pie

Sometimes all you need is a different kind of bread to completely change the dynamic of a sandwich.  In this case, a simple swap of cinnamon raisin bread from texas toast, makes for a sweeter lunch.  It's almost reminiscent of apple pie.  No, seriously.  You've got all your essentials.
Apples - check
Cinnamon - check
Buttery Goodness - check
Cheese - check  (really, on pie?  trust me it is more common then you think, and delicious too!) 
Now if only I could wash this sandwich down with an actual piece of pie...hmmm.  Good thing we are hedging upon apple season.

Grilled Apple & Cheese Sammy

2 slices raisin bread
1/4 apple, thinly sliced
2 slices cheddar cheese
Preheat nonstick skillet.
Butter bread and assemble sandwich.  Grill till golden brown in color and cheese has melted.


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