Saturday BBQ | Chicken, Brie & Apple Sandwich

Another hot day in the city.  Time to fire up the grill, get the cold drinks ready and tackle this beautiful summer night with a delicious dinner and full stomach.

Since falling in love with the blueberries and brie in last weeks salad, I decided to apply the same concept in sandwich form.  The result a sandwich that was sweet, tart, and creamy.  Thanks to jam, apples and cheese.  Ahhh, it's a thing of beauty.  I love a good sandwich!  Now off to dip my feet in the kiddy pool, sip on a bevvy and enjoy this night.

Chicken, Brie & Apple Sandwich

2 chicken breasts
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp blueberry jam
2 whole wheat buns, toasted
1/2 granny smith apple, sliced
6 - 1/4" slices, brie cheese (w/ rind intact)
1/2 cup baby spinach
3-4 Tbsp blueberry jam

Mix olive oil and 1 Tbsp blueberry jam.  Top raw chicken breasts with this mixture.  Marinate at least 30 minutes.
Preheat BBQ.
Over low heat, grill chicken.  Cook approximately 9 minutes per side, or until desired internal temperature is reached.  Remove from heat.  Place buns on grill, cut side down and toast.

To assemble:
Evenly divide ingredients among 2 buns. Placing in the following order, starting on bottom half of toasted bun.  Spinach, apple, brie and chicken.  Spread jam on top half of bun.  Close sandwich and cut in half.

Serve w/ a side of homemade thick-cut (or store bought) fries.

Yields: 2 sandwiches


  1. I wouldn't have thought of putting a sweet preserve in - interesting! Thanks for lining up with Food on Friday


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