Beer & Ice Cream Float

Tuesday Boozeday.  
What better way to cool off from this summer heat, than with an ice cold beer and some premium vanilla ice cream.  Did I just speak to your heart?  You bet I did.

Pure Genius!  I've taken two of mans (or Mr. Handsomes) favourite things, and combined them in a tall frosted glass.  Who needs Root Beer, we've got actual beer available.

Enjoy!  There are still a number of weeks left before fall.  Pretty sure this is going to be on the menu until the weather tells me otherwise.  Even then, it still may be...

Beer Float


1 bottle beer
1 scoop vanilla ice cream


Pour beer into tall chilled glass.  Add in ice cream.  Mmmm.
Note: overflow may happen, be ready to drink up! 

Ahhh, now that's refreshing!
I love summer!


  1. This just got me super excited for summer! Shared via Pinterest because I know my (slightly alcoholic) friends will love it too!


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