upgraded egg mcmuffin breakfast sandwich

you may not know this about me,  but my first job was at mcdonalds.   glamourous i know.
not surprisingly i always worked the 5am-1pm shift because yes, even as a teenager i was a morning person.
that said, working the morning shift meant that i produced thousands of egg mcmuffins, so many that i could probably do it with my eyes closed.
this morning was no exception, but i did however upgrade it with some lovely fresh vegetables and shaved deli ham.
breakfast win!

egg mcmuffin breakfast sandwich

1 english muffin, split & toasted
1 egg
shaved deli ham

spray coffee cup with non-stick spray, crack egg, break yolk and cook in microwave covered with paper towel for approximately 45 seconds, or to desired doneness.
assemble sandwich and enjoy!


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