Summer Road Trip | Kelowna/Vernon

seattle was great, we could've used more time, but with a goal to be back home by Sunday night and still visit the okanagan on the way, required us to hit the road once again.  also to revisit the breakfast in the car phenomenon
(we're getting really good at this BTW)
i was hoping that we would have more time in the okanagan but mr. handsome's busy work schedule meant we needed to be home one day sooner than we initially anticipated.  
although our stop in the okanagan was short, it was primarily driven and spent visiting wineries (sorry kids, it's the adults turn) we still managed to have a great time and pack in a lot of memories.
we ended up staying in Vernon for the night @ Predator Ridge. we had a great view of the 1st hole and spent the morning on the patio watching consecutive foursomes tee off.  then it was time for the  trek home.  but not without a visit to D Dutchman dairy.  ice cream, baby cows and a farmers market, make for a happy Jen!

family vacation complete.  
so many kilometres.  
so many memories.  
thanks for following along.  
i hope your summer is as action packed and memory filled. 


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