village ice cream

following a perfect afternoon lunch with the lovely JA & MD courtesy of the boxwood cafeM had the brilliant suggestion of heading over to village ice cream for dessert. 

brains & beauty this girl is a keeper.

if the line up was any indication of what was in store we weren't going to be disappointed.  
good thing i was in amazing company as we eagerly awaited what just may have been the last ice cream cone of summer before the snow comes.

 salted caramel & a waffle cone.

ice cream for the win & a perfect sunday.  cheers. xo. 


  1. you know, i haven't been to boxwood or village ice cream - both look delicious though. maybe once the snow passes i'll adventure out to try these.

    great posts! and it looks like you had so much fun with your ladies. what a great way to celebrate before today's cold.


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