cilantro restaurant

cilantro has been on my restaurant radar for a couple months now.  drawn to it initially courtesy of instagram & a post showing the lemon conchigliette pasta, i knew it was only a matter of time before the two of us were introduced.

located at 338 17th ave sw, cilantro features a menu that will appeal to the masses but also encompasses wonderful service & great ambiance.  
a cozy patio, fall foliage, & twinkle lights made for the perfect backdrop to be shared with four wonderful human beings.
#andlemonpasta #timesthree #plusdessert #i'mstillfull

lemon conchigliette |  chorizo . scallops . lobster . snap peas . poblano . basil-chevre parmesan cream

linguini |  spicy tomato sauce . beef and chorizo meatballs . wild mushrooms . caramelized shallots . parmesan cream

salad |  garlic prawns . fresh blueberries . toasted almonds . parmesan . mixed greens . avocado-lime-sour cream dressing

chocolate peanut butter pie |  graham cracker crust, grand marnier whipped cream

chocolate brownie |  caramel, fresh berries, white chocolate ice cream

upside down cheesecake |  berry compote, toffee crumble 


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