Double Zero Pizza

it's not often that pizza makes me cry, actually pizza never makes me cry, until today that is.

my dear friend ST is moving to australia and today marked the last time i'm going to see her pretty face in person for a long while.

lucky for me i live in an era where social media is at the forefront so it will be easy to keep up to date on what she's doing and whether or not she gets a pet kangaroo.

i wish you the best of luck in this next chapter ST, you are a true gem, friend, and all round wonderful individual,  i love you to pieces.  #youarethebacontomyeggs

i'm so lucky to have formed this true friendship with you over the last few years and despite the different continent and being separated by an ocean, you and i will be friends always.  xo.

we decided to cap off our goodbye lunch @ double zero by demolishing a couple pizzas, an appetizer and (of course) some wine, before breaking out the kleenex and hugging it out.

cheers friend.  xo.

roasted cauliflower |  fried chickpeas, sultana, sage, pecorino cheese

grilled vegetable pizza | goat cheese, pine nuts

mushroom pizza |  cultivated mushroom duxelle, taleggio, caramelized onions


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