road trip sunday: grassi lakes canmore

without question this weekend had to have been our busiest of the summer.

shooting range date, 5th birthday party, 60th anniversary party, night race, canmore day trip & hike, and okotoks dawgs baseball game.
this is why coffee was invented...
lack of sleep aside, it was without question one of the best weekends of the summer.  
friends, family and the great outdoors.

following a tiring saturday of two parties and a race that didn't start till the sun was setting @ 9:30pm, i woke the family up bright and early sunday morning and we set off to canmore to tackle grassi lakes trail.  
the kids as always, were great sports and hiked the full 4.5km route with smiles on their faces and in constant lookout for chipmunks.

here is a small glimpse into our sunday hike.  
how lucky are we to call this place home. 
beautiful alberta.

and done.  well done team.

a well hiked trail is always deserving of a patio lunch, so our next stop took us to the grizzly paw, where mr. handsome and i indulged in some good beer, sunshine, and quality time with our littles.

 bacon cheese toast |  thick sliced bread, bacon, 3 types of cheese, mustard

 kale, strawberry & avocado salad |  sliced almond (they gave peanuts by mistake, so i got almonds on the side) feta, lemon poppyseed dressing & grilled chicken

 grilled chicken club |  mayo, lettuce, tomato, american cheese.  house salad.

taster flight |  3 oz glasses

cheers, xo.


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