OEB Breakfast Co.

today was initially supposed to be the day i crossed an item on my birthday bucket list,  paddle boarding.  
together with my lovely friend LS we were going to brave the waters of lake chestemere in an attempt to not drown & potentially get in a good workout.  

but, it would seem mother nature had other plans for the two of us and decided our time was better spent indoors at a diner, eating wonderfully delicious food cooked in organic duck fat.  
#organicmeansitshealthy #duckfat

who am i to argue with nature, or duck fat...  
plus, i still have a spin & yin yoga session to look forward to tonight, no sense in overdoing it.

paddle boarding out means that a breakfast at oeb was in. 
located at 824 edmonton trial ne, this place might be small in size, but it's huge in character.  its cheery interior with chalkboard ceilings and communal table is a fun take on the typical diner scene. they even have two large barns of free run chickens dedicated to their enormous (3000) weekly egg consumption.

here is a glimpse into our delicious brunch.  cheers & thanks for the company LS.  xo

benny upstream |  two poached eggs, toasted english muffin, brown butter hollandaise, fresh organic spinach, norweigan smoked salmon.  served with fresh fruit & organic duck fat potatoes

a-lott a-lox box'd |  poached eggs, crisp duck fat potatoes, saint cyrile quebec curds, cured salmon, fresh dill, capers, brown butter hollandaise

 until we meet again oeb...


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