Race Day w/ R

this morning i had the pleasure of running in the St. John's Ambulance race thanks to the wonderful folks at World Health Club, who gifted me admission.  
with my admission taken care of, i decided todays race would be the perfect one to invite R, my little mini me runner to join me in her first ever 5km race.

let me start by saying that since R was 3 she has accompanied me to 12+ races, always being the smiling face that greets me each time i cross the finish line.  
and with each and every race, she'd always ask the same two questions, 'did you win' & 'when can i run in a race?'
to which i'd reply 'no' & 'one day'  
so you can imagine the excitement on her face the day i told her we were running together. #christmasmorning

i knew R would kill it on the course.  she has a natural runners stride, determination, boundless energy, and i'm pretty sure springs in her legs.  
it didn't surprise me at all when she clocked in @ 41:47, sealing 35th place overall (out of 54)

to say i'm proud is an understatement, i wiped back tears as her dad presented her with flowers at the finish line.  she was an absolute joy to run beside and it's safe to say she is my favourite 4 year old & running partner.


with a 5km under our belts R & I are ready to tackle our big BBQ this afternoon.
#friends #food #beer


  1. What an inspiring little lady! Congratulations to the both of you, and here's to many more mom/daughter races together.

    1. thanks! i'm pretty sure R is counting down the days to the next one already, she's a running rockstar!


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