Vegetarian Dinner Date: The Coup

Foodie Friends Reunite....  
And this time we went vegetarian.  

Any vegetarian or herbivore will tell you that The Coup, located @ 924 17th Ave SW, is the place to go to get some delicious and original Vegetarian cuisine.  The omnivore in me can also attest to the accuracy of that statement.  I've visited The Coup for breakfast a handful of times, but up until now I've never tried the dinner fair.  My lovely dining partner has however gone enough for the both of us, so it was an easy sell when I was thinking up places to go.  She's good like that.

For those that have never been to The Coup, it's a modern-vegetarian restaurant that focuses on serving as much local and organic food as they can.  They make everything from scratch (and with love too, they add), which you can see, and more importantly taste, in their creations.
Delicious food aside,  this place also 'thinks green' and has what's best for the environment in mind.  Everything, from being 100% wind powered to recycling what they can, and composting all raw material.  They even plant 36 trees per month to offset their waste.  Pretty awesome right?  Good food and environmentally conscious.  Double win.

the eats:

warm goat cheese spread |  goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, basil, topped with apricots, served with foccacia

the upstream burger |  roasted garlic & yam, seeds, smoked tofu & cashew patty, fresh dill, red onion,  garlic aioli, sheep feta, organic foccacia.  served with baked rosemary yam fries & miso gravy

 falafel quesadillas |  falafel, hummus, tahini, sundried tomatoes, sheep feta, cabbage, carrots, pickles, banana peppers; grilled in a sprouted tortilla.  served with tzatziki and baked rosemary yam fries

lemon cashew coconut square |  coconut, cashews, lemon zest, agave nectar.   date almond crust

white chocolate cheesecake |  coconut-chai flavoured

Fresh, original, and all-round delicious.  Thanks The Coup.   Also that lemon cashew coconut square just might be my new favourite thing ever.  Who knew eating vegetarian was so delicious.  I think this place might just become a regular spot when I practice "Meatless Mondays" every week.  Too bad, they aren't open on Mondays, looks like Tuesdays it is. 


  1. the coup is one of my most favourite spots~ i highly recommend their cookbook! it has the recipe for yam burgers in it! SO heavenly and a really fun and different thing to bring along to a BBQ! :)

    1. heavenly is the perfect word to describe their food. i think i'm going to have to invest in this cookbook, yum!


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