Summer Breakfast Croissant

Happy Belated 1st Day of Summer.

Given the state of emergency that is currently taking place in my beloved city, I didn't feel it appropriate to blog about food yesterday.  Especially since my family, friends, and neighbours are currently seeking shelter elsewhere as the water continues to seep into their own homes.  There is a long road of rebuilding ahead for all of us, but we are resilient and strong and we'll come together in this difficult time.  #wearecalgary

On a lighter note, breakfast yesterday was summer on a plate.  Strawberries, honey, flaky croissant, and ricotta made for a sweet start to a not so sweet day.  It was delicious for breakfast but could easily transfer to a simple dessert at any BBQ.

Summer awaits!

The only thing better than having this for breakfast 2 days in a row, is knowing that today I'm having waffles @ Cora's, and someone else is doing the dishes...happy weekend.

Honey-Ricotta & Strawberry Croissantwich

1 croissant, split
2 Tbsp ricotta cheese
1-2 tsp honey
1-2 strawberries, sliced thin

Spread ricotta onto bottom half of croissant, drizzle with honey, then top with strawberries.   Top with remaining croissant half.  enjoy. 


  1. This looks really yummy and easy! What a great summer berry breakfast treat!

  2. Delicious. Adding the strawberries makes this a healthy breakfast, right? :)


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