Spring = Fruit + Chocolate

My favourite chocolate and fruit combinations include strawberries and pineapple, without question.  Those fruits on their own are spectacular, but when dipped in chocolate they become even more delicious.  Funny how chocolate has that effect....on everything...

After an early morning visit to the market, we came home with some delicious looking raspberries which I decided were going to be our dessert for dinner.  Lucky for us.  Even luckier, is that I still had an open bag of chocolate chips (a rare occurrence,) and thanks to Pinterest the idea to stuff them in the raspberries.  Perfect end to a Saturday meal @ home with my favourites.  

Chocolate Chip Stuffed Raspberries

chocolate chips (white, milk, or dark)

self explanatory.  stuff one chocolate chip into a raspberry.  eat one for your self.  repeat. 


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