Breakfast Date: 80th & Ivy

I can't think of a better kick start to my weekend than a Saturday breakfast date with three of my favourite girls.  We decided on a pre-Christmas brunch @ 80th & Ivy Wine Kitchen after hearing rave reviews of the food.

Since the 4 of us live in different quadrants (sad I know) we always try and choose a central location when dining out.   In this past year alone, 17th ave has seen some amazing new eateries open up, making this just one more excuse to see each other (like we need it)
Food + My Best Girls = Happy Me.

80th and Ivy is located at 1127 17th Ave SW and is a restaurant that adopts the 'farm to plate' concept.  I'm always appreciative of restaurants who source out local farmers and support businesses within our own communities.  It also helps when that same local food is beyond delicious.

In addition to a good catch up fest and our last official get together before Christmas we did our yearly ornament exchange.  Disclaimer:  I'm an ornament junkie.  This year alone, I'm in 5 ornament exchanges, but have purchased upwards of 15 for myself t this point and it's only December 8th.....(did I mention I had to buy a 2nd tree to house my collection??)

All in all this was a perfect Saturday morning.  Thanks to 80th and Ivy for a delicious breakfast, here's what we noshed on....

 French Press | Organic Fair Trade Ethiopian Sidamo

Eggs Benny | Broek Farms rotisserie ham, herbed hollandaise, croissant, Peter's hash

Garden Frittata | Roasted peppers, fresh tomato, wilted arugula, Fairwinds feta, Peter's hash

80th & Ivy Breakfast | Two organic eggs, rotisserie ham, multigrain toast, Peter's hash

80th & Ivy Breakfast | Two organic eggs, rotisserie ham, multigrain toast, Peter's hash



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