let it be sunday | high rollers & the bison restaurant

for someone who prides herself on being pretty active and good at sports, i truly suck at two things.

1. swimming
2. bowling

swimming is especially embarrassing when you consider my inflated water wings and rubber duck travel with me as a safety precaution.

and bowling, even with my stellar form of a granny toss from between my legs, i still can't manage to stay out of the gutters.  my bowling score is always in the double digits and it's not pretty.  but, skill set aside, when coupled with pints and friends, bowling is fun.

this weekends trip to the mountains, mr handsome and i met up with some great friends, had a few pints, threw a few gutter balls {okay that was all me} and capped it off with a delicious brunch at one of my favourite spots, the bison.

first things first, let's talk about the super cool bowling alley that just opened up a couple weeks back in banff.  High Rollers, they've got bowling, bocce, & even 50 craft beers on tap. 

after i embarrassed myself and logged probably the lowest score in the history of the establishment, we decided to go for broke and have a little brunch at the bison.  
brunch always makes everything better, and brunch at the bison is the best in my opinion.  especially the frittata w/ added smoked salmon.  if only i was having it again today....

cast iron frittata |  wilted spinach, smoked salmon, oven-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, herbs.  grilled sourdough bread

brunch pizza |  sunny egg, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, gouda, hollandaise.

bison breakfast sandwich |  bison sausage, fried egg, foie gras butter, oka, lettuce, tomato, house biscuit, roasted potatoes

smoked salmon + asparagus benedict |  brie, chopped herbs, hollandaise 

cheers to a great sunday, with great people, and doing it all over again next weekend.  xo.


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