Easter 2016 | Egg Hunts & Brunch Mountainside

last year we started a tradition that i can only hope remains in tack for years & years to come....

easter egg hunt @ home 
cute easter themed breakfast
banff roadtrip
easter egg hunts @ mount norquay
brunch @ the bison

it's everything i love packed into one action packed morning before heading back to town for a big celebratory easter dinner.

here is a glimpse into our easter weekend.

brunch pizza |  sunny egg, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, gouda, hollandaise

cast iron frittata |  wilted spinach, oven-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, herbs

steak & mushroom eggs benedict |  aaa rib eye, cheddar, hollandaise, cheese + herb biscuit, roasted potatoes, salad

 homeward bound.


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