Sisters Who Brunch: Farm Restaurant

Weekends & Brunch go hand in hand.

It's like....

Fries & Ketchup
Ice Cream & Sprinkles
Cold Showers & Long Runs

My brunch date this morning was my lovely sister.  Initially the plan was to go for a long run around the reservoir, after which we would indulge in brunch.  However, my battered pinky toe is preventing me from running any long distances at the moment, so it was out with being active and in with food.  #finebyme

We decided on Farm, located @ 1006 17th Avenue SW.  This restaurant is all about Albertan food everyday.  They work closely with farmers in the area who not only take care in their animals, but who also show respect for the land.  I love establishments that celebrate community and this one does just that. #eatlocal
Farm just so happens to serve my sisters favourite salad of all time.  Self confessed she would eat it everyday if she lived downtown.  She's so healthy, I need to be more like her...

Here is a look at our day @ the Farm...

Our Eats:

house pickles

FARM salad | kale, cam's carrot & sudo farms red cabbage shred, pickled red onion, roasted garlic vinaigrette, herb crumb, shaved piave & ewe-nique farms chicken

FARM garden benny | poached eggs, sourdough muffin, roasted tomato pesto, brassica hollandaise, side muse salad

After brunch comes shopping and of course doughnuts.  Because you need doughnuts in your life.  At least I do.   #jellymodern #maybeishouldgoforarun


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